Jerri Lin Vaden-Malone

Register of Deeds

The Register of Deeds, Jerri Lin Vaden-Malone, was elected August of 2006 and took office on September 1, 2006.

Register of Deeds

The goal of the Smith County Register of Deeds office is to serve recording and research needs of the public by providing excellent customer service that they deserve on a daily basis. To accomplish this goal, we strive to use the latest technology and take time with each and every individual in order to meet their needs. We have back scanned thirty years of record books and are currently indexing and verifying those record books that have already been scanned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plats/surveys online?

All plats/surveys are online for public viewing which can be processed around the globe. This saves on postage and minimizes the wait time.

Can land records be accessed online?

Land records can be accessed online with a paid subscription at or by contacting the Register of Deeds office.

How often are documents recorded?

All documents are recorded on a daily basis online, indexed and verified.

Does the County Register of Deeds use E-recording?

We are currently in process of getting E-recording up and going. We hope to have it up within the next six months. E-recording reduces the time required to receive, record, and return documents. Submitters can get more information at

Does the County Register of Deeds undergo audits?

Yes, with zero deficiencies every year. There are reasons for all things to be precise and we strive to make sure all documents are precise and accurate.


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