Steve Coble

Smith County Road Superintendent

Steve Coble was raised in Brush Creek and is a graduate of Gordonsville High School. He has worked at the Highway Department for 26 years, nine of them as Road Superintendent.

Highway Department

The Smith County Highway Department is managed by the Road Superintendent, Steve Coble. This office is responsible for maintaining the 448 miles of county roads in Smith County. The funding for our office comes mainly from State Fuel Tax, with a small portion, $.08, from Property Tax, which equates to $293,000 a year. The State Fuel Tax is divided by all 95 counties of Tennessee. It is determined by Area, Population, and Percentage of Equal share, which generally equates to approximately $2 million. It costs $26,000 to tar & chip a mile of road. It costs $120,000 to pave a mile of Class 1 road with two nine-foot lanes. Steve Coble attends meetings in Nashville, along with other locations, on a regular basis to push for more funding from the state. The department has been approved for multiple grants, and Steve is always looking for other grants that the department could apply for and qualify. He has applied for and received multiple grants for both bridges and Class 1 roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees work for the Highway Department?

The Highway Department currently has 19 employees with a wide range of skill levels.

What are the duties of the Highway Department employees?

All these employees are responsible for tar & chipping, patching, graveling, grading, ditching, mowing, and tile installation of all county roads.

When are the Highway Department employees on call?

The employees are on call 24/7 in case of downed trees, floods, or inclement weather. We are very proud of the employees and their dedication to the department and county.

Have concerns or suggestions for the Highway Department?

The Road Superintendent and the department are available to respond to everyone’s concerns and suggestions. We encourage anyone with a concern to please contact us either by phone or email.


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