Clifa Norris

County Clerk

My name is Clifa Norris, and I am currently serving my 3rd term as the Smith County Clerk. I am a lifelong resident of Smith County and a 1979 graduate of Smith County High School. I am married to James Norris, and we have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. From great customer service to carrying out the duties in an efficient manner, my staff (Lisa, Robin, Amanda, Steve, and Felicia) and I try to accommodate every customer in the best way possible. I could not conduct the duties of this office without their dedication and support. We look forward to serving you in the future!

County Clerk

In this office, you can title vehicles, renew registrations, register boats, open a business license, obtain a marriage license, apply for a beer license, and apply to be a notary. We also prepare the minutes for the Smith County Commissioners meetings and assist with the kiosk for driver’s license and ID renewals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all is needed to register a vehicle?

IF PURCHASED FROM A DEALER: You will need to provide the paper work that they give you. It should include the title, bill of sale showing where sales tax was collected, odometer statement, and lien holder information, if applicable. In some cases more paperwork may have to be provided.

IF PURCHASED FROM AN INDIVIDUAL: You will need to bring the title, a bill of sale, and the lien holder information, if applicable. Other paperwork may have to be provided.

What all is needed to renew my registration?

You can bring in a copy of the registration, or if that cannot be found you can write down the tag or VIN number, or even take a picture of the numbers with your phone. We can also look it up by name.

Do I have to have proof of insurance?

Yes. Although we cannot enter it into the system, customers are supposed to show proof of insurance. If for some reason you do not have insurance on your vehicle and you need to renew your tags, there is a possibility that your registration will be suspended and you will have to pay an extra fee (up to $150), plus the registration fee as well.

The State Department is supposed to send out up to 3 notification letters, if they are notified by an insurance company that insurance has been dropped on a vehicle. If the notification letters are not replied to, the registration will be suspended resulting in the extra fees.

Can we get a duplicate title in your office?

Yes. We can issue duplicate titles in our office, but they are not same day titles. It takes about a week or two to receive them in the mail. We can also hold them in the office for you to pick up, which can take 3 to 4 days. We plan to offer same day titles in the future.

How much is it to open a business and obtain a license?

To open a business, it is only $15. We would need to know the start date, name and description of the business, contact information for the person(s) owning the business (including SSN), mailing and location addresses, if you are opening by your SSN or EIN number, type of ownership, etc. Once the business is opened, you will then set up everything else with the State Department, and pay your business taxes with them as well.

How much is a marriage license and what do we need to have in order to get one?

PRICE: $97 without counseling, or $37 with counseling (Counseling form will need to be filled out, notarized, and returned.)

WHAT TO BRING: You will need to bring your Driver’s License or ID and Social Security card. You will also need to provide the names of your parents (including mother’s maiden name), and the state your parents were born in. We will also need to know about any previous marriages, if the most recent one ended by death or divorce, and on what day they were finalized. It’s always a good idea to have a copy of divorce papers with you, if you can.

Do you have a driver’s license kiosk and can I get the Real Id there?

KIOSK: We do have a kiosk where you can get a regular renewal or a duplicate copy of your license. The kiosk will only accept debit or credit cards. It will take your picture, and you can also change your address. Normally, the price to renew is around $28 to $32 and $10 to obtain a duplicate. If you have a motorcycle license, it will renew both at the same time and that cost is around $54. You will receive a temporary receipt-like copy that is good for 90 days, and a hard copy should be sent to you in the mail.

REAL ID: At this time, we do not have the option to do the REAL ID at our kiosk, so you will have to go to the nearest DMV. This option may come at a later date. We also cannot renew hand gun carry permits.

Are any services available online?

Yes!  You can go to and search for Smith County and it will give you all of the options that are available online.

You can renew your tags and set up renewal reminders, apply for a notary, and apply for a marriage license (you will have to come in to the office to finish paperwork and pay). There is also an app called Auto Assistant that will allow you to keep proof of registration and proof of insurance on your phone.


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