Pay My Utilities

There are several utility companies that serve our Smith County residents. Many of them take online payments. We have provided links to all of the utility companies below for your convenience!

Upper Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation (UCEMC) is an electric power distribution cooperative. UCEMC is owned and operated by its members and distributes electric power through more than 4,600 miles of lines to more than 50,000 members located primarily in Jackson, Overton, Putnam and Smith Counties and northern DeKalb County.  Link to UCEMC.

Smith Utility District (SmithUD) was organized under the provisions of The Utility District Act of 1937 to install a sanitary water system to provide water service to residents and property owners from Hickman to Gordonsville, and along Highway 53 to South Carthage, then east on Highway 70 to the Caney Fork River and west to Pope’s Hill. Later, Smith Utility District expanded its services to include areas such as Elmwood, Pea Ridge, Grant and Highway 70 from Pope’s Hill to the Wilson County line.  Link to SmithUD.

DeKalb Telephone Cooperative, Inc (DTC) has been the local telephone company serving areas in Alexandria, Auburntown, Gordonsville, Liberty, Milton, Norene, Smithville, Temperance Hall, Woodbury, and Woodland since 1951. Today, DTC has advanced communications services, including wireless service, Internet access, high speed data services, special calling features, voice mail DTC TV and security services, and the most sophisticated technological services for businesses with customized systems and dedicated support.  Link to DTC.

North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC) has been serving your community for 67 years and counting, with the best technology in rural America, and  some of the most advanced technology in the world! NCTC is—and always will be—your local provider of communications services. Our commitment to provide you with Internet, Cloud, Television, and Voice services is deeper than ever before. NCTC values quality customer service and is proud to be a local company who supports the community it serves.  Link to NCTC.

Twin Lakes is a broadband, TV, security and phone service Cooperative incorporated on the 13th day of March, 1951. Twin Lakes strives to bring you the best in technology services. We are owned by the member subscribers which we serve and provide service to the following areas: Baxter, Byrdstown, Celina, Chestnut Mound, Clarkrange, Cookeville South, Crawford, Gainesboro, Granville, Highland, Jamestown, Livingston, Moss, North Springs and Rickman. Our members are every subscriber who has made a written membership application and has paid the prescribed membership fee of $10.00.  Link to Twin Lakes.