Public Notice – Job Vacancy – Smith County Road Superintendent

May 3, 2021 | Public Notices

Comes now Jeff Mason, Smith County Mayor, pursuant to the provisions of TCA § 5-5-111(a)(2), and hereby provides notice to the public of the need to fill the vacancy the office of Smith County Road Superintendent. The seat held by Road Superintendent Steve Coble became vacant by his resignation as of 04/20/2021.

Interested residents of Smith County have an opportunity to make application for consideration provided that all persons interested must be qualified to fill the vacancy. Applicants must meet the general qualifications for all elected officials (TCA 8-18-101) as well as Road Superintendent specific qualifications in accordance with TCA 54-7-104. These additional specific qualifications are as follows:

1. A high school education or an equivalent degree recognized by the Tennessee State Board of Education (such as a GED), and
2. At least one of the following:
(a) Be a graduate of an accredited school of engineering, with at least two (2) years of experience in highway construction or maintenance;
(b) Be licensed to practice engineering in Tennessee; or
(c) Have had at least four (4) years’ experience in a supervisory capacity in highway construction or maintenance; or a combination of education and experience equivalent to (a) or (b), as evidenced by affidavits filed with the board.

Interested persons must submit an application to be certified that they meet the required qualifications by the Tennessee Highway Officials Certification Board. Applications may be obtained from the Tennessee Secretary of State website or the Smith County Mayor’s office. All applications must be sent directly to the Tennessee Highway Officials Certification Board and postmarked no later than May 19, 2021. In order for a name to be considered, that person must have received certification and must receive a nomination by a member of the Smith County Commission. All persons nominated must be present at the meeting of the Smith County Commission or submit a signed statement indicating that the nominee is willing to serve in the position if appointed.

A special called meeting of the Smith County Commission will be announced to consider candidates for this position once all applications to the Tennessee Highway Officials Certification Board have been processed and returned with certification of names certified.

Jeff Mason,
Smith County Mayor

ATTACHMENTS: Tennessee Highway Officials Certification Board (THOCB) Application and THOCB Guidelines.